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V okviru mednarodne konference Applied Statistics 2015 je organizirana delavnica z naslovom: »Research Data Management Planning: problems and solutions«, ki bo potekala v nedeljo, 20. septembra 2015, v Ribnem pri Bledu.

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Opis delavnice:

Funding bodies increasingly require data, which were created in publicly funded research, to be open to the fullest possible extent. Furthermore authors are required by scientific journals to make data, which underpin publications promptly available to the editors at the time of submission and later on to readers.

To provide access to high quality data to a wider research community, it is necessary to start proper research data management planning early, which enables avoiding significant problems in the data creation and curation phases.

Topics covered at the workshop address basic questions related to Research Data Management for open data, which include preparing a Research Data Management (RDM) plan, licensing data and intellectual property, metadata and contextual description (documentation), ethical and legal aspects of sharing sensitive or confidential data, anonymizing research data for reuse, data archiving and long-term preservation, and data security and storage.

Workshop is a combination of lectures and hands-on: with the emphasis on research data management on-line tool.