PREDAVANJE: Fuzzy and intuitionistic logic in diagnosis, 13. 12. 2016 PDF Print
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Vabljeni na predavanje v okviru biostatističnega centra dne 13. 12. 2016, ob 13.00 na IBMI. Predavala bo prof. dr. Andreja Tepavčević.


Fuzzy and intuitionistic logic in diagnosis


Fuzzy logic (including in a wider sense intuitionistic and interval valued logic) is a type of multi-valued logic that is used to interpret human thinking and expertise and to transfer it into computerized diagnosis system. Up to now it has been applied in almost all disciplines in medicine. Some recent examples of fuzzy rule-based systems together with an evaluation and a ROC analysis will be presented.

Further, solution of the problem of determining medical diagnosis using intuitionistic fuzzy relations (occurrence relations and confirmability relations) will be evaluated. Advantages of intuitionistic relations in building diagnostic models is to describe cases of indefiniteness more precisely. Moreover, it gives a possibility of changing the values of occurrence and confirmability fuzzy relations according to the influx of information and evaluation of the medical knowledge through the hesitancy relation.