Poletna šola ERS-IASC, ECAS in SIS-CLADAG, 21.-25.5.2018 PDF Print
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Poletna šola ERS-IASC (European Regional Section of International Association for Statistical Computing), ECAS (European Courses in Advanced Statistics) in SIS-CLADAG (Classification and Data Analysis Group of the Italian Statistical Society) o razvrščanju v skupine, analizi podatkov in vizualizaciji zahtevnejših podatkov bo potekala od 21. do 25. maja 2018 v Kataniji v Italiji.


The course is intended to achieve postgraduate training in special areas of statistics for both researchers and professional data analysts. The focus is on classification and clustering methods with particular emphasis on modern high-dimensional data sets (MHDS). MHDS have recently emerged because of the fast improvement in data acquisition, storage and processing. The availability of massive data sets are of large interest also in machine learning, data science and computer science. It applies in many contexts such as biological experiments, financial markets, astronomy, etc. Classification and clustering play a key role in this new paradigm to discover the inhomogeneous structure often underlying these data. Starting from basic concepts, the course will introduce the audience to novel techniques and software through extensive applications to real data.


More information available at http://www.clucla-summerschool.org/