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Naslednje predavanje v okviru biostatističnega centra bo v ponedeljek, 16.6.20068, ob 14. uri na IBMI. Predaval bo prof.dr. Per Kragh Andersen z Univerze v Kopenhagnu. Tema predavanja bo nedvomno zanimiva za vse, ki jih zanimajo prehodi med stanji (zgodovina zaposlitev, poroke-ločitve, vojna-mir, stanja bolezni ...) in časi med temi prehodi.


Per Kragh Andersen, Dept. Biostatistics, Univ. Copenhagen, Denmark.

Multi-state models are typically used when subjects, e.g. patients, are followed over time and a number of events may be observed for each subject. In such studies, the occurrence of an event is modelled as a transition between two states in the model. Bone marrow transplantation is one area where multi-state models have been used extensively. Here, the events of interest both include ultimate events like death and relapse and transient events like graft versus host disease. We will give a review of such methods with emphasis on regression models for both transition intensities and transition- and state occupation probabilities. Both semi-parametric models, like the Cox regression model, and parametric models based on piecewise constant intensities will be discussed. Illustrative examples will be taken from studies in bone marrow transplantation.